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  • Dehydrated Pig Ears $9.99

    With no additional preservatives or additives, Naturaw pig ears are freshly dehydrated. They are savory, chewy snacks that can occupy and stimulate your dog. Large, crunchy treats that clean plaque and food particles from the teeth.

    Your pet will enjoy the taste, but they should be fed in moderation due to the high fat content.

    Sold in packs of 2

    Out of stock

  • Dehydrated Rabbit Ears $13.99$25.99

    What potato chips are to us, rabbit ears are to dogs! They simply love the crunch and flavor of rabbit ears are willing to perform every treat in their book to get more! Dogs put great value on these treats and the fur is a source of dietary fiber.

    They are perfect as a treat for dogs with allergies, dogs with liver issues and dogs who require a low-fat diet.

  • GRASS FEDSold Out
    Dehydrated Water Buffalo Ear $9.99

    Water buffalo ears are the jumbo version of cow ears! They have a high protein content and are low in fat. They’re primarily made of cartilage, which is high in chondroitin and helps to keep joints healthy. Our Water buffalo ears come with the fur on, which adds extra fibre to help clean the intestines!

    Water buffalo ears from Naturaw are all-natural, with no additives or preservatives. They are sourced from 100% grass-fed Water buffalos.

    Recommended for medium to large breeds.

    Out of stock

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