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  • Free-Range Beef $8.50$16.50
    1 lb | Chunky Grind2 lb | Chunky Grind

    Beef is packed with essential nutrients including iron, vitamins B12 and B6, zinc, selenium, niacin, and phosphorus, making it an excellent choice for your pet’s diet. While it does contain tripe, which may result in a slight odor, the health benefits outweigh any potential scent.

    For a complete meal, be sure to include a raw meaty bone or sardines as a substitute for the missing bones in this boneless meat. Provide your pet with a well-balanced and nutritious diet with our beef option.

    Out of stock

  • Free-Range Beef Tripe $4.75$9.00
    1 lb | Chunky Grind2 lb | Chunky Grind

    Loaded with digestive enzymes, probiotics, vitamins and nutrients from the contents of a cow’s stomach and intestines. Easy to digest and helps maintain a healthy weight. Great source of healthy fats, calcium and phosphorus. Mimics what dogs and cats would eat if they were hunting in the wild!

    You will notice that this has minimal to no odour due to being 100% grass-fed!

    Limited supply due to the nature of how these animals are raised.

  • Free-RangeFeatured
    Free-Range Chicken $6.25$12.00
    1 lb | Chunky Grind1 lb | Fine Grind2 lb | Chunky Grind

    Naturaw free-range chicken is a premium source of nutrition for your furry friend. Made from high-quality Canadian-raised chickens, it meets and exceeds AAFCO nutritional standards, providing your dog with all the essential nutrients for a balanced diet.

    This meaty delight is rich in vitamins B, D, and A, iron, phosphorus, and the essential electrolytes potassium and sodium.

    With its lower levels of saturated fat and higher concentration of omega-3 fatty acids, your dog will be healthy, happy, and ready for playtime.

  • Free-Range Chicken for Cats $6.75
    1 lb | Fine Grind

    Chicken is a great source of vitamins b, d, a, iron, phosphorus and electrolytes potassium and sodium.

    Free-range chickens have less saturated fat & higher levels of omega 3.

    Chicken for Cats is finely ground to accommodate their smaller teeth and jaws, and extra heart is added for taurine.

  • Free-Range Duck $8.50$16.50
    1 lb | Chunky Grind2 lb | Chunky Grind

    Naturaw Free-Range Duck offers all ten essential amino acids necessary by dogs, as well as iron, zinc, copper, and selenium.

    Pasture-raised duck has better amounts of vitamins and a healthier mix of omega-3 and omega-6 fats than conventional duck, in addition to being lower in calories and total fat. A great hybrid protein with a bit bolder flavour than chicken or turkey.

    Out of stock

  • FREE RANGESold Out
    Free-Range Goose $9.25$18.00
    1 lb | Chunky Grind2 lb | Chunky Grind

    Compared to beef, pork, and chicken, Naturaw pasture-raised goose meat is an excellent source of riboflavin and vitamin B6, and has a higher iron content! Nutrients, minerals, lipids, and amino acids abound. In fact, goose meat is one of the best sources of glycine, an amino acid necessary for collagen production.

    Goose meat is an excellent choice for your pet during the cold winter months because it provides extra protection while increasing their resistance to the cold.

    Out of stock

  • Free-Range Lamb $15.00$29.00
    1 lb | Chunky Grind2 lb | Chunky Grind

    Lamb is a great source of B vitamins, thiamine, copper, manganese and selenium.

    Because red meat is boneless, you should use a raw meaty bone as a substitute; you could also use Sardines instead of a bone.

  • Free-Range Pork $6.50$12.50
    1 lb | Chunky Grind2 lb | Chunky Grind

    Naturaw Free-range Pork is a rich source of thiamine, selenium, zinc, vitamin B12 & B6, niacin, phosphorus and iron.

    Because red meat is boneless, you can substitute a raw meaty bone; you could also use Sardines in place of a bone.

  • Free-Range Turkey $8.50$16.00
    1 lb | Chunky Grind2 lb | Chunky Grind

    Naturaw free-range turkey is a great source of important nutrients for your pet, including protein, iron, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin B6, niacin, selenium, and tryptophan.

    Free-range turkey can be a good source of nutrition for dogs for several reasons:

    1. Protein: Turkey is a high-quality source of protein, which is essential for building and repairing tissues, maintaining a strong immune system, and supporting overall health and wellness in dogs.
    2. Nutritional balance: Free-range turkeys tend to have a more balanced diet compared to conventionally raised turkeys, as they have access to a wider variety of nutrients from foraging and grazing on natural vegetation. This can result in a more nutritious meat for your pet.
    3. Ethical sourcing: Free-range turkey farming is considered a more ethical and sustainable method, as the turkeys are allowed to roam and forage in their natural environment, rather than being confined to crowded and unnatural living conditions.
    4. Reduced risk of contaminants: Free-range turkeys are typically not fed growth hormones or antibiotics, which can reduce the risk of exposure to these substances for your pet.
  • Free-Range Water Buffalo $8.25$16.00
    1 lb | Chunky Grind2 lb | Chunky Grind

    Bring a new level of nutrition to your dog’s diet with our Free-Range Water Buffalo. With the lowest cholesterol levels, even lower than chicken breast, Water Buffalo is a healthier option for dogs with dietary restrictions. Made from free-range water buffalo, these treats contain less saturated fat than beef or lamb and are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and iron.

    Please note that there may be a slight odor due to the presence of tripe, but this is a natural part of the treat and does not affect its quality.

    As red meat is boneless, it is recommended to use a raw meaty bone or sardines as a substitute to ensure your dog’s dental health is taken care of.

  • 100% Grass-Fed Wild Kangaroo $9.50$18.50
    1 lb | Chunky Grind2 lb | Chunky Grind

    We source our kangaroo meat from the finest wild Western Grey Kangaroos found in Australia’s Central and Southern regions. These kangaroos graze on a diverse diet of natural vegetation, providing a nutritious and delicious meal for your dog.

    Kangaroo meat is naturally lean with low fat content, making it an excellent source of high-quality protein. It is also rich in B vitamins, Omega 3s, iron, and zinc, providing your pet with all the essential nutrients they need to thrive. And because it is always free range, you can feel good about what you’re feeding your pet.

    For optimal nutrition, we recommend complementing our kangaroo meat with a raw meaty bone or sardines, ensuring that your pet receives a balanced and complete meal.

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