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Local Ontario Farmers
We handpicked the local Ontario Farmers with whom we work closely and exclusively, and share the same values.
The Naturaw Difference
Our products are fresh and human grade. They are made with love, care and attention at our facility.
Transform Your Dog
We aim to redefine the raw pet food industry by creating exceptional products to ensure your pets thrive, not just survive!
We began our journey in raw feeding when our first puppy, Bella, suddenly became terribly ill with pancreatitis. We couldn’t bear the thought of losing her. The vet could not point out why this happened to Bella, except that she must’ve eaten something. We were feeding her what was considered to be the highest quality kibble on the market. We knew she didn’t eat anything other than what we had given her, so after doing some research, we decided it was time for a drastic diet change. That is when we decided to switch her to a raw diet and we knew we made the right decision because we saw an improvement. However, it was always unclear where the various companies on the market sourced their raw meats from and which specific ingredients were in their mixes. We also noticed that our Bella began to experience constipation and would sometimes sniff her food and not eat it! We started digging into it and found that many companies were misleading and made statements that did not add up or make sense. It was common for many of them to cut corners by using cheap cuts, older meats, poor quality or too much bone, organ and fat content to decrease their costs and increase their profits. We found this to be very unethical and we weren’t willing to accept it. As corny as it sounds, we decided to take matters into our own hands and create our own raw company because we wanted to know EXACTLY what we were feeding our pets and because we believe that ALL pets deserve the highest quality nutrition.

The Naturaw Family

We are committed to providing premium quality pet food at affordable prices while operating with full transparency, honesty and integrity.
It took us a while to get where we are today. We traveled to various local Ontario farms to see first hand how they raise their animals and what exactly they were fed. We handpicked local Ontario Farmers with whom we work closely and exclusively, and share the same values. Our farmers’ animals are ethically treated, pasture-raised and grass-fed. Our products are fresh and human grade – meaning we too consume the same meats! Similar to the farm-to-table model, our products are delivered or picked-up fresh from the farm, made with love, care and attention in our facility, and then delivered straight to your furbabies’ bowls! We aim to redefine the raw pet food industry by creating exceptional products to ensure your pets thrive, not just survive!
Bella holds a very special place in our heart because she was our first furbaby. She came into our lives in 2012 and transformed them. In fact, Bella is the reason and inspiration behind our company. Bella is a remarkable dog. Her intelligence and demeanor reminds you of a human…it blows us away! She communicates with us when she wants something and knows how to always get her way with her charm and conniving ways! Bella is very loving, intelligent, fearless, affectionate, and has very high prey drive.
Fun fact: Bella knows some sign commands (sit, lay down, speak, stand)! She also waits for the other pups to eat their treats so she can make them jealous with hers – it’s hilarious!

Bella had her first litter on July 27, 2015 and blessed us with Leo and Pai.

Leo is our first male dog and boy does he make his presence known! Not only is Leo protective and dominant (you always feel safe with him around!), but he also loves to receive affection and ALL the attention! He doesn’t hesitate to jump on you, sit on you, step on you (ouch), lean on you, with all 95 lbs of him! And if you try to give anyone else love, guess who will push his way in! He’s always the first to greet us in the morning and loves to keep us company, wherever we go – including the bathroom! LEO is very athletic, fearless, obedient, intelligent and loving.
Fun fact: LEO was the first and biggest pup in the litter. He also has the biggest heart.
We knew PAI was special the moment we laid eyes on her. She was the only puppy with a brindle eye patch and she reminded us of a little pirate (hence the name)! What a beauty! She was and still can be a feisty little one with a HUGE appetite. In fact, she is the first to finish her food and then tries to steal some from the rest! Everyone who knows Pai, knows that she is a sweetie-PAI! She loves all people and dogs and is very playful. Pai also has very high prey drive. She is very smart, friendly, loving and will lick you to death.
Fun fact: PAI rarely barks. We have literally only heard her bark two times!