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    100% Grass-Fed Beef Tripe Sticks $9.99
    200 g. bag

    Naturaw Beef Tripe Sticks are not bleached and 100% grass-fed. This treat is easy to digest, low in fat, and rich in minerals. Beef tripe is especially high in iron and has a rather distinctive scent. These healthy natural dog treats are extra crunchy which dogs love and as a bonus the treats help maintain a dog’s intestinal flora.

    Suitable for puppies and dogs from 8 weeks of age although we always recommend supervising your dog, regardless of age, when eating any kind of treat.

    Out of stock

  • Beef Tripe $3.50$6.50
    1 lb | Chunky Grind2 lb | Chunky Grind

    Beef tripe is a highly nutritious food source for dogs and cats, containing essential digestive enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, and nutrients.

    The healthy fats, calcium, and phosphorus found in tripe are essential for overall health and can aid in maintaining a healthy weight.

    Beef tripe mimics what dogs and cats would consume in the wild, making it an excellent addition to their diet.

  • Free-Range Beef Tripe $4.75$9.00
    1 lb | Chunky Grind2 lb | Chunky Grind

    Loaded with digestive enzymes, probiotics, vitamins and nutrients from the contents of a cow’s stomach and intestines. Easy to digest and helps maintain a healthy weight. Great source of healthy fats, calcium and phosphorus. Mimics what dogs and cats would eat if they were hunting in the wild!

    You will notice that this has minimal to no odour due to being 100% grass-fed!

    Limited supply due to the nature of how these animals are raised.

  • Lamb Tripe $4.50$8.50
    1 lb | Chunky Grind2 lb | Chunky Grind

    Lamb tripe is a nutritious food for dogs, rich in digestive enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, and nutrients from a lamb’s stomach and intestines.

    It is an excellent source of healthy fats, calcium, and phosphorus, and its natural composition makes it easy to digest, supporting a healthy weight.

    Lamb tripe is modeled after a wild diet, making it an ideal food for dogs and cats.

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