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  • Free-Range Chicken Carcass $4.99

    Naturaw raw chicken carcass is a healthy and nutritious treat for your pet.

    Sourced from free-range, pasture-raised chickens, our chicken bones are free from additives and preservatives. These bones are not only a natural teeth cleaner but also provide a crunchy sensation that will keep your pet entertained.

    The cartilage and tendons found in these bones are a great source of added nutrition.

    Weighing approximately 2 pounds, these chicken carcasses are sold individually.

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    Rabbit Carcass $13.99

    This product is perfect for pets that are looking for a high-protein, low-fat meat option. The Rabbit Carcass is a great way to provide your pet with a variety of nutrients that are essential for maintaining good health, including B-vitamins, iron, phosphorus, and potassium.

    This product is sourced from Top Market Meats, ensuring that your pet is getting only the highest quality rabbit meat. If your pet has allergies to poultry, this rabbit carcass is a great alternative that is both tasty and nutritious.

    Sold per carcass.

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    Value Duck $7.85
    2 lb | Chunky Grind

    Duck provides all the amino acids required in the diet. Our value duck is made with pasture-raised duck carcasses for that extra boost!

    Duck is a lean, easily digestible protein source for dogs and is high in iron. Amino acids, which maintain healthy muscles, are also abundant in duck. Duck protein has been shown to be beneficial for dogs that have food sensitivities or allergies.

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